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So you, like me, binged The Home Edit’s new Netflix show, Get Organized. Now what? You’ve got this insane urge your needs a system, but have no idea where to start. Today, I’m sharing my recent cutlery drawer kitchen organization project to get you motivated. Kitchen organization is a great placed to start as it’s typically the most frequented room in the house.

I love a good organization system. Planning and organization are what keep me sane. They’re not always perfect, but they can definitely help with life’s hiccups. While I can’t tell you where to start, I promise the smaller the project, like organizing your kitchen drawers, the more likely you are to work through your house and get it organized. If you start too big you’ll end up with a messy disaster and by the time you get done with it, if you actually do get done with it, you’ll never want to organize again.

Where I Started My Kitchen Organization

I started extremely small. I’ve done my desk drawer, a kitchen cabinet (yes! just one), a single shelf in my linen closet and the one I’m going to share with you right now, my kitchen drawers.

Though I have a large kitchen, I lack drawer space, with only 4 drawers in the entire kitchen. I still have the large bottom drawer to finish but the top three containing all of my utensils is complete.

I attempted this organization keeping in mind I didn’t want to spend a fortune. My project cost just under $60, but using the right sources, you could definitely go even lower than that.

The Cleanout

cutlery organization

I started by emptying out all 3 drawers, vacuuming out debris and then washing them with warm water and soap. Once dry, I lined all three drawers with contact paper. I sourced this pattern from Amazon, but if you aren’t picky on pattern you can pay even less by grabbing some from your local dollar store. I found our local store had white and marble prints.

The contact paper was tricky to work with and it only took me 3 drawers to figure out I should have taken the drawers completely out to fill the drawers, but will just ignore that mistep and you’ll have learned from my first mistake, right?

Personally, I found it easier to work width wise starting on the right side and smoothing across and then from back to front. Luckily the contact paper was really forgiving and let me lift and reset a few times without any damage.

Top Drawer

For our top cutlery drawer, I found a bamboo cutlery tray that was almost the exact size of our drawer. Our top drawer, like most others, is used to house our forks, spoons and knives. I found it at HomeSense for $14.99, but I did see some smaller ones available at the dollar store. If you do end up with a smaller one, take a look for some smaller acrylic containers to fill the space and keep all of your containers in place.


Lower Drawers

For the second and third drawers, I used adjustable bamboo drawer dividers. While everything is still loose in these drawers, it doesn’t feel as messy without the big open space. I found my dividers on Amazon, I haven’t seen them cheaper anywhere else, but here’s my special Amazon trick. Whenever you see something you think you might like to purchase, create a wishlist and store items there. Check your wishlist regularly to see if there are any price changes. I jumped on the drawer dividers when the price dropped 25% from when I first added them.


Quick Reference Organizing Steps

Here’s the breakdown of how you can organize your kitchen drawers and not be overwhelmed:

  • Empty out drawers
    • Check for anything broken or that you don’t use anymore and remove
    • Make a plan for each drawer. Where do you want each piece you put back?
    • Vacuum out any crumbs
    • Wipe the drawers down with a soap and warm water and dry drawers
  • Line drawers with contact paper
  • Using a tray or individual bins to organize your cutlery drawer
    • make sure every piece of cutlery has it’s own place
  • Divide remaining drawers to fit the rest of your utensils
    • for any small pieces, I recommended putting them in a small bin to keep them in place.

If you do tackle your drawers, I’d love to see the results. Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter to share your results.

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