KindergartenYour baby is not a baby anymore!  I know those words are hard to hear for some. I have lots of friends who feel this way, but trust me it’s an amazing thing!  As our “baby” has just turned 4 and is venturing off to Kindergarten, I’m excited for all the things that are to come.

Admittedly, I’m not the type to swoon over babies and having 2 under 2 was pretty damn hard, but that’s not why I’m excited I don’t have babies anymore.

There Are Many Reasons To Be Excited

There are so many reasons I’m excited that my little ones are growing. I love how much they’re growing and learning stuff everyday. I love to listen to their stories and have them tell me about their likes and dislikes. I’m always amazed by the amount of knowledge they’re absorbing and how they come home and teach me something new. Most of all I like that they are their own little people and we get to guide them along the way.

July was spent celebrating our 4-year olds birthday, the way a 4-year old wanted it!  I love that she had her own ideas and knew exactly how she wanted to spend her special day.  Her quirky and crazy ideas are exactly a reflection of the individual she’s growing into.

So to you my friends, I say, rejoice!  Memories will always be near and dear, but what’s to come is even more exciting!




p.s. Her super cute Four-Nado shirt is from Hudson Lillian Designs!


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