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Regardless of what our situations are as moms, let’s face it, we all have busy families!  One thing I’ve always wanted to do was have a central area, preferably in the kitchen, where I can have everything organized at-a-glance.  Finally, after sifting through pinterest pictures and scouring stores, I managed to pick up some inexpensive pieces to create my own command centre.

A command centre should be the place in your house where everyone in the house can refer to and know what’s going on with each other.  You can make them as simple or as intricate as you like.  The most important thing is that it functions well for your family.  So, no two command centres may be the same.

My essential pieces of a command centre include a writing surface, calendar, mail sorter and artwork.

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Ours is a chalk board, because who doesn’t love chalk? Until I forgot how hard it is for left handed people to write on chalkboards, but nonetheless, I much prefer them to writeboards.  You can use your writing surface to leave each other notes or write out your weekly meal plan (something I like to have to stay organized, like I talked about in this post).


This is probably the most important piece of the command centre as it’s where everyone’s lessons, appointments and simple reminders to-do are written on.  We love having a calendar in a central place because it means everyone in the household knows who is going to be where and when, especially when we are often in such a rush we might forget to communicate it.


Up until we bought this piece, I had different piles of papers stacked on our island and it was constantly a mess.  Now we have an inbox for things that need to be paid or reminders of stuff that needs to get done.  We use the bottom part for stuff that is done and needs to get filed away.  Let’s be honest, it’s going to take me forever to file it away, but at least it’s not scattered all over my counter anymore.


I know this seems like a weird must-have, but don’t forget that you’re incorporating your command centre into your home decor.  Don’t be afraid to have fun with the space and make it fit into your home decor style.  I really didn’t think I wanted a vertical piece of artwork until Violet and I stumbled upon this little faux chalk piece.  When I read it out loud to her, she absolutely loved it, so we knew it was perfect for our space.

How does your family stay organized?  Do you have a command centre in your house?

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