Autumn is in full swing!  I’ll admit I was in denial for a while, but the cooler temperatures and our most recent apple orchard adventure has got me feeling all things fall.

This past weekend we visited our local apple orchard.  Our trip to the orchard has become an annual excursion and one we look forward to every September.  There are times when it’s hard to live so far from our extended family, but then there’s weekends like this one, that make us appreciate the fact that living far away means we get to create our own traditions in our new hometown.

Our favourite orchard is Mountain Orchards in the little town of Mountain, Ontario.  They have so much stuff going on for the family and all the activities are free!  It was a very busy day when we arrived, which didn’t surprise me.  The girls were really pumped to get on the tractor ride, but before we headed out to the orchard on the tractor we decided to check out all the other stuff to do.

There’s a great hay jump for the kids, which in the past my girls have really loved, but didn’t seem too keen on this year.  A merchants alley included a local alpaca farmer with lots of goodies like mitts and sweaters, and of course a couple of alpaca friends for everyone to say hi to.

My girls ran straight to the playground which included lots of tires to climb and a massive dirt hill this year that everyone seemed to love.  The big hill looked down upon 2 corn mazes.  One mini maze for the little ones and a more challenging maze for the older crowd.  After a couple of successful maze runs we hopped in line for the tractor ride.

The tractor takes everyone out to the apple trees.  In the past we’ve never actually hopped off, but this year was the year I decided we were going to pick apples.  At this time of year our choices were the Spartan, McIntosh and Cortland varieties.  I chose the Cortland as we were told it was a great all-purpose baking apple and, apparently, it’s one favoured by parents because it doesn’t brown, so I may actually cut one up and see if it’s good as a school snack.

After filling a bag full of some beautiful looking apples, and sampling one each, we hopped back on the tractor and headed back to pay for our pick.  We also added some apple cider and freshly made apple cider doughnuts to the order.  I’ll be honest, I would just go for the doughnuts, even if they had nothing else!

Of course the first thing I did when I came home was make a cake.  My friend Stacy from The Preserves Project posted an awesome apple cake recipe last week and I was so excited to try it.  It turned out great and was super easy to make.

So now that I’m in full fall mode, next up is some fall decor and of course lots more baking.  What’s your favourite part of fall?  Come find me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you love about fall the most!

p.s. Sorry there are no pictures of the doughnuts.  They were eaten long before I could pull the camera out!!!!!!!!!









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