A while back I started a series doing a tour of our current home while we prepped it for sale, in this second instalment I’m sharing our second floor.  Our second floor has 3 moderately sized bedrooms, our main bathroom and the en suite bathroom.

If you remember from Part One of this series, we had a stager come in and help us configure our living space to make it look it’s best when we put our house on the market, and those recommendations truly paid off as we had an offer the second day on the market.

We had a small amount of work on our second level, but the majority of tasks were tidying up and storing some pieces of furniture.  For each of the girls bedrooms we bought ikea toy bins that I can’t say enough about.  Not only do they look great in their rooms, they are super functional and make it a breeze for each of them to tidy up their own spaces.

Girls Room

Ikea Toy Storage

Girls Room

Ikea Storage

As is customary, we took down all our personal pictures, and there are a lot in our house, and replaced them with non-personal prints.  I had scored a bunch of prints from Toucan, a kids accessory shop from Australia, and they looked really great in front of the girl’s rooms.

1-DSC_0983 Toucan Prints

Since both girls rooms were recently painted we scored on not having to do that and the biggest cleaning job was steam cleaning the carpets.

Our main bathroom is primarily used by the girls and it’s pretty plain. We never felt the need to change much in that space as up until 4 years ago, we never even used that bathroom.  But, we did replace the linoleum floor with tile pretty much as soon as we moved in. The shower curtain was purchased from Ikea when we first moved in and we were back at Ikea again for accessories where we picked up the turquoise towels.  I really love the layered look on the towel rack so I picked up a bath sheet for the bottom layer, the complimentary patterned hand towel for the mid-layer and a face cloth matching the bath sheet for the top layer.  It’s such a little change but it really stands out in the otherwise bland bathroom.

1-DSC_0977 Main Bathroom

The biggest transformation upstairs happened in the master bedroom.  It’s one of those transformations I wish we’d done sooner but at least we get a few months to enjoy it.  Stayed to for Part 3 of our home tour where I’ll show off our bedroom and the master en suite.

As always, come say Hi on social media.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Are you doing any major renos or decor changes?  I’d love to hear what you guys are doing too!

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