If you follow me on social media, you might be sick of seeing me post pictures about our most recent trip to The Bahamas but I am so in love with the landscape of the islands, I just can’t help myself.  By far, the best part of our vacation adventure was our day trip out to Exuma.

Exuma is not just one island but a chain made up of 365 islands.  Yes, this is where you can find the swimming pigs.  No, we did not swim with them!  According to another couple at our resort, that excursion cost at least $1100 USD for two people.  Our day trip, conducted by Majestic Tours, cost $400 for two people, which was more than we’d normally spend, but we really felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was well worth the money.

We began the day boarding a large speedboat.  I was a little worried that I might get seasick on the hour and a half ride out but the ride was smooth sailing.  Our first stop landed on a little island full of iguanas.  The crew gave everyone grapes where we (and by we, I mean Chris) put them on a stick and the iguanas came up and grabbed them and then would scamper off.

Back on the boat, we cruised out to a sandbar where we were dropped off to explore for 30 minutes.  It was amazing to be out in the middle of nowhere wandering around beautiful white sand and crystal clear water that was as warm as a bath.

After the sandbar we made our way over to our private island, Saddleback Cay, where we were greeted with rum punch.  I’m not a rum drinker but it was delicious.  We grabbed our drinks, climbed over the ridge and saw the most breathtaking, secluded cove.

A quick drink and we were back on the boat to head out to some coral for snorkelling.  The location chosen was not the typical one apparently because the currents were pretty strong that day.  We were hoping to see more than the typical little fish around the corals (maybe a ray, maybe a shark) but it was pretty quiet.  The snorkelling was not the best we’ve done, but it was still pretty amazing to be out swimming around in those waters.

When we returned to Saddleback Cay a buffet lunch was awaiting us.  We dined on grilled chicken and a variety of salads and of course some more rum punch.  The lunch clean up was the best part, we brought our bones over to a pier and threw them in the water and watched a few Lemon Sharks and some other very large fish have a feast on our leftovers.  It was pretty spectacular.

After some time lounging in the cove we boarded the boat and made our way back to Paradise Island.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to figure out how I can go back.

What are your favourite spots?  I’m always looking for new places to go. Come say hi on social media and let me know!  You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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