I don’t know about you but being a working mom is often chaotic and a bit overwhelming.  So how do you not lose it completely?  For me, it’s all about planning and organization.  Some people like to fly by the seat of their pants, and hey, if that works for you then all the power to you!  But me?  Not so much!  I thrive on structure.  Of course, sometimes things pop up that aren’t planned, but when the majority of your days are under control a little change here and there won’t be such a big deal.

Here are some of my top tips for staying organized throughout the week.


Meal plan

Sitting down on the weekend to meal plan takes all the guess work out of daily meals.  You can plan your meals based on daily needs.  And remember, meals don’t need to be fancy, but if you plan you’ll be more inclined to make healthier choices.  Another thing to consider, meal planning also helps determines your grocery list, potentially cutting down on overspending by not having to wander aimlessly through the grocery store thinking of what you want as opposed to knowing what you need.

Food Prep on the Weekend

Now I don’t recommend spending your entire weekend prepping for the week, because let’s face it, we work all week anticipating the weekend.  But, taking an hour or so to cut up veggies, organize snacks, etc. will help streamline your weekly life.

Do Laundry Daily

OK so I’m guilty of not following this tip, even though I should.  Then I end up doing half a dozen loads on a Sunday.  But, if you can manage to do one load a day, and by one load I mean wash, dry, fold and put away (yeah, not so easy is it?), then you won’t be so stressed out trying to get it all done on the weekend and you’ll probably always have that one thing you really want to wear.

Pack Lunches Before Bed

Probably the last thing you want to do before you go to bed is make the next day’s lunch, but, considering your following my steps above you’ve already done some of the food prep and gotten your snacks organized so it will only take a few minutes to get lunches pulled together.  Besides, you know every time you’re running late in the morning you’re wishing you didn’t have to make your lunch!

Plan Outfits and Lay Them Out

For adults, it’s just as simple as picking out an outfit before bed.  50% of the time I do this, the other 50% I wish I had done this!  Usually, I just grab everything I need for my outfit, accessories included, and hang it on the hook on the back of the door.

For kids, we take a bit more consideration into planning their outfits.  First thing we consider is what the weather for the upcoming week is.  Then we plan 5 days worth of outfits for each child.  We have one of those clothing dividers, like this one, hanging up in the closet and put each days outfit into the separate compartments.


A few other things you could do to stay organized include keeping your medicine cabinet stocked (you never know), having a quick “go-to” meal when plans change, keeping your car prepared (washer fluid, gas filled, emergency supplies), keep a calendar and doing things as you get them like forms that come home from school.

Of course, we all can’t be organized all the time, sometimes it’s not realistic, but if you put some effort into routine and organization I think you’ll find that weeknights don’t have to be so chaotic.

What are your best tips for staying organized?

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