Today on the blog I have my first guest post from my sister Danielle!  Danielle and I recently subscribed to some monthly beauty boxes.  Danielle chose Ipsy and I chose Birchbox.  Each month we’ll breakdown what goodies are in each box and our opinions of the products and the subscription overall.  So, without further adieu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be a guest reviewer on Flowers and Faux Pas. As you know, I received my first Ipsy bag this month. It included the following items:

· Lavanila Laboratories Health Body Butter (0.85 oz)
· Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (0.25 oz)
· trèStiQue shadow crayon in Kona Coffee
· Ofra tourquoise eyeliner
· Formula X nail colour mini in Power Source (0.13 oz)

June Ispy 1

Before I get into my actual review of the bag, let’s start off with the Ipsy basics. I saw that many of my Facebook friends were trying out Ipsy from their posts and had gone to a bachelorette party at the end of winter where some of the girls were raving about their bags. I waivered on whether or not the join for a few months but in the end decided it wouldn’t hurt. First thing I noticed was though the Facebook ads all say “$10 per month!” you have to take into account the additional $5 for shipping and $4 for being Canadian. My subscription is now costing $19 and change per month. Then I considered that while I don’t buy makeup every month, I can spend $100 in one outing easily and if I put myself on a ban from buying all other products, $20 per month may save me some money in the long run. So I setup my account and shared a few of those annoying Facebook posts everyone hates to see on their feed (the annoying part is you are unable to see they are putting in your bag each month without posting to FB)! During the setup you have to answer many questions on your colouring, skin type and style in order to match the products with you personally. Then the first week of the next month a shiny, fushia envelope shows up in your mailbox filled with goodies!

So, how do I feel about my first loot bag? I am on the fence whether the products are worth the $20 per month. Granted a full size Lavanilla body butter (6.7 oz) retails for $20, I am extremely sensitive to scents and will never be able to use the pure vanilla I received.

Smashbox primer happens to be one of my favourite cosmetic products and I have been known to drop the $44 retail price for a full (1 oz) bottle. Applying a few drops makes my skin feels like satin (as a sufferer of incredibly dry skin and eczema I don’t have to worry about scaly skin once my foundation is set) and it really does help my makeup last through a full day of work. That being said, I have not spent actual money on primer in the past year or so as I learned most retailers will give you sample bottles like I received if you just ask.

I have a common problem with the two pencils I received – why would they pick that colour for me? I am a fair skinned, fair haired, green-eyed lady who is quite often mistaken for a teenager (even though I am double most teen’s ages). The darkest colour of shadow crayon is incredibly dramatic and I only really see myself using this as an accent, if at all. As someone with green eyes, I learned a long time ago any eye makeup with a bluish tone is horrible on me. While some will argue turquoise is greener (which is very flattering for my eyes) than blue, I truly believe I look like a White Snake music video reject. Being that both colours are so mismatched for me I feel it makes me look younger, like a tween who is still learning the cosmetics ropes. I have to say neither of these items will be coming out very much.

The saving grace of this bag for me was the Formula X nail polish (0.4 oz bottle retails for $13). The hot coral is THE perfect shade for a summer pedicure!

Overall, I am not disappointed in the goodies I received in my first Ipsy bag but if you haven’t picked up on it yet I wasn’t impressed either. So far Ipsy receives a “meh” from me, but I will give it one more month to win me over.

Stayed tuned for a Birchbox review!

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