In this third and final instalment of my Capturing Memories series I want to look at some ideas to do once you have all these pictures taken.  In my first two posts we looked at picking the right photographer and planning outfits, but after all that work don’t forget to show off how great everyone looks!

Our house is full of personal pictures.  I’m sure some people probably think it’s weird that there are pictures of us everywhere, but I love them and think that family photos are just as beautiful to display as any other piece of artwork.  I also don’t think you need to limit yourself to professional photos.  If you get a great shot why not show it off somehow?

One of our favourite pictures Chris took on vacation.  Now when Violet sticks her tongue out, it's not so cute!
One of our favourite pictures Chris took on vacation. Now when Violet sticks her tongue out, it’s not so cute!


The most obvious thing to do with your photos is to simply display them in your home, either by hanging them on the walls or displaying them on top of shelves or other types of furniture.  The great thing about this is that you can spend as much or as little as you like.  You can choose to have prints made or even get your photos printed on canvas.  There are so many options.  I prefer to make prints and then buy inexpensive frames to hang them in.  If you’re looking for ideas of hanging layouts Pinterest is full of them, or even just a simple google search.  There are tons of blog posts like this one that offer some great layout ideas.

Some of the cheap frames I've picked up on sale.
Some of the cheap frames I’ve picked up on sale.


Photo books are great because you can capture an event, like a family vacation, and have all your photos beautifully laid out, and in some cases with captions describing the events in the pictures.  Photo books are also great as presents for loved ones.  Admittedly, I’ve always been too lazy to make a photo book, but it’s on my to-do list, especially since it can be done rather inexpensively and online.


OK, this idea super excites me!  After reading Simple As That’s post about her monthly collages I thought it was a wonderful way to collect and display family memories.  Websites like PicMonkey allow you to create basic collages for free as well.  Now, there’s no way I could commit to a monthly collage but one of my project goals for the year is to create a yearly collage (maybe it’ll be my January, New Year’s resolution project).

All of these projects are rather simple in nature.  Now I’m not the most artsy person, so I’m sure there are lots of other more creative ideas that I’m missing, scrapbooking say.   But, they’re easy, inexpensive ideas anyone can use to show off their family.


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