When I set out to write last weeks post on our family photo shoot I had never intended it to become a series.  But, as I was brainstorming there were so many different ideas I wanted to discuss, definitely too many to put into one post, so I decided to write a few posts.  This second post is all about choosing the right outfits for our spring family pictures.

It seems silly to say this, but I spent many hours over many days trying to pick the right combination of outfits.  Gone are the days of everyone wearing the different versions of the exact same outfit (flashback to me and my sister in matching plaid dresses, I was never meant to wear drop waists, sorry Mom!).  Now it’s all about coordination and complimentary colour palettes.

When I first set out to plan our spring photos I immediately jumped on the bright bandwagon.  But, as I was planning I didn’t love the idea.  I even went as far as to order some options but ended up returning everything.  After a bit of thought I felt that the outfits would end up being the focal point of the photos rather than the girls.  After seeing spring photos some of the photographers I follow on social media had posted I knew a black and white colour scheme (or similar) was our best choice.

It ended up that choosing a neutral colour palate was our easier choice as well, as I was able to just pull from what was already in our closets.  As these outdoor shoots can be a bit dirty depending on location, a “smart casual” look always seems to work best.  If you can’t move freely in your outfit, it might not be the best choice.

Outfits for spring family pictures
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Mason Photography

All of our outfits were very comfortable.  As you can see we didn’t really match but I chose simple looks that didn’t overshadow each other.  Originally, I had planned to put Rosie in something completely different, but the other issue we had was the cooler temperatures the week leading up to shoot.  Luckily, the day of our shoot was quite warm but the backup outfit I had chosen for her was just too cute.  It had the most colour out of all of our outfits, but because the colours were fairly muted I felt it played well with the rest of our outfits.

There’s lots of great resources online that can help you pull your families look together.  Pinterest is a great place to start!  People have pages and pages of pins for all types of photo shoots.

My best tip is to keep it simple and keep it fun.  The more relaxed everyone is in their outfits, the happier everyone will be to have their pictures taken.

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