I LOVE to shop!  When I’m not shopping I’m dreaming about what I’ll buy next.  It’s a bit of an obsession but I’m also a frugal spender – frugal not cheap, there’s a difference!  Which is why I was super pumped when I made my most recent online purchase.

Let’s face it, children’s clothing is not cheap and they are constantly in need of new stuff.  When I first found my local kids consignment shop I was really excited, I thought I was gonna score some great deals.  However, as I started looking at the quality of clothing and the prices it became clear I could do much better on my own purchasing brand new.

On top of that I’ve never enjoyed sifting through clothing racks for a deal, nor do I enjoy the smell of a used clothing store. I imagine at this point some of you are wondering what the heck is wrong with me.

So how do I shop brand new without spending “new” prices?  Here are some rules I tend to follow:

  • Buys items with a purpose: know exactly why you want to purchase that piece of clothing (not just ’cause it’s super cute)
  • Research: Know regular prices & typical brand discounts that way if you do happen into a consignment shop at least you’ll know if you’re actually saving
  • Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap:  sure your kids will grow out of the clothes quickly but if they shrink in the wash on top of that or don’t hold up with regular play you’re just going to have to spend again.  I favour Gap, Old Navy and Carter’s (the real Carter’s; not the Carter’s stuff carried in other stores) and avoid Walmart and Joe Fresh.
  • Shop online: I once compared how much I saved in-store shopping vs online and I definitely came out ahead online.  Plus, you’re less likely to overspend or impulse buy when you can see the numbers add up on the computer screen.

So how much did I end up saving in my last purchase?  A little more than $50, had I purchased the items at full-price.  I bought 6 cotton dresses (perfect for daycare in the summer) at about $5.75 each.  I would have paid about the same for a similar second hand piece at my local consignment shop.

I maximized my savings by sticking to items already on sale and then applied my discount code for an extra 30%.  I realize sometimes the codes don’t work on sale items, but when they do it’s a really sweet deal.  On top of that I earned 8% cash back because I went through ebates (double score! Or is that a triple score?).

Shopping for kids clothes can be expensive but if you plan ahead and use as many incentives as possible, they can have some really cute stuff for a fraction of the regular price.

How do you maximize your savings when shopping for kids?

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