Happy Victoria Day everyone!  I hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable and you made the most of the weather, we sure did!

A while back I posted my running goals for the next little while.  I’m happy to say I completed the 30 days to 5K plan I laid out.  It ended up taking 36 days altogether, once I started, but I finally ran my first 5K yesterday!  It was hot and very slow (42 minutes, I told you I’m slow) but I did it.  I took the extra few days as I didn’t want to skip any of the distances planned.  Because this plan had some big mileage jumps I felt it was important to do every run.

Pre Post Run

I’m still setting my goal to reach a half marathon in 2016 but my goal race has changed.  Originally, I had planned on the Disney Princess Half next February but after reading how early you have to be up and in your corral (in your corral by 5 am) I decided that I’m not motivated enough to get up at 3 am for a race.  I do have a specific goal race in mind and I’ll be sure to share it when more details have been finalized.

As I was running yesterday I was thinking about tips on how to stay motivated, mostly because I needed to motivate myself.  Here’s how I got through this first plan:

1.  Run Slow & Easy.  All of my runs were run easy and slow enough that I could carry a conversation while running.

2.  10 & 1.  Everytime there was a significant increase in mileage I used the 10 minute running : 1 minute walking method.  Some people use this method all the time and that works too.  I say whatever gets you out there and moving is the best method.

3.  Siting.  I do this often during the last 500 meters or so of every run.  I pick a spot up ahead and just run for that spot.  I don’t look at my garmin, I just go.  When I reach that spot I pick a new one further ahead and keep going ’til I’m done.

4.  Mantras.  I have two things that I think when I need that extra push, the first is my personal running mantra: “Strong Mind, Strong Body,” and the second thing I always tell myself is that if I stop and walk it’s just going to take longer to get home.  When you only have a block of time to get your workout in, every minute counts!

What’s next?  For the next month I want to build a slow, easy base.  My goal is to get 3 to 4 – 5Ks per week.  On top of that I’m doing yoga once a week (it was my saviour at the end of the week for this past cycle).  Overall, my goal for this block is to run a continuous 5K.

Running truly is a fantastic sport to participate in.  You don’t need any fancy memberships, just a decent pair of shoes.  It doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow, you just need to get up and go!

Sharing a post-run treat.
Sharing a post-run treat.

As always, I’d love to hear your running stories.  What motivates you on an especially tough run?

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