Coming up with weeknight meals is always a challenge, especially when you have two kids who can’t agree on anything they like to eat.  On top of that we’ve committed, in our house, to creating meals from real food and using as little processed food as possible.  It’s definitely not always the case as my girls eat more chicken nuggets and hot dogs than I’d prefer, but I think overall we’re doing pretty well.

The last thing anyone wants is to come home from work and spend hours in the kitchen making meals.  This shrimp recipe is a quick and delicious meal that can come together in 30 minutes.  You can even use frozen shrimp and simply run it under cold water to thaw it.

Prep Time: 5-15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes


1 lb. shrimp (thawed, peeled and deveined)
1/4 c. butter
1 Lemon
Italian Seasoning

Preheat oven to 375ºC

In the microwave, melt butter then pour into a baking dish.  Slice lemon and layout in baking dish.  On top of the lemons lay the shrimp in a single layer.  Season shrimp with Italian seasoning (or any seasoning of your choice).  Bake for 15 minutes until shrimp has turned pink.

Prepped shrimp ready to go in the oven.
Prepped shrimp ready to go in the oven.

Throw on some rice and steam some veggies (fresh or frozen) and you’ve got a complete meal in about 30 minutes!

Extra tip: Pour the lemon juices-butter mixture over top of the rice for extra flavour.

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