Ten years ago I embarked on a journey that I hope remains a lifelong passion.  That passion is running.  Now, I’m not the best runner or the fastest but I still do it.  If you’ve ever seen this slogan it completely describes me!


My favourite distance to run is the half marathon.  I’ve run about a handful of them in the past and I think it’s the perfect distance.  I enjoy slogging through long miles, but the time commitment to train and run the half (21.1 km) allows you to have a life outside training as well.

Over the past few years my commitment to running has decreased significantly but it hasn’t completely extinguished.  I’ve run a few 5K’s which I found was a great distance to do when you’re pushing jogging strollers (first a single, then shortly after a double).  But I have to say I miss putting in the time to do a longer distance.  Running for me doubles as self therapy.  It’s time to be by myself and process all my thoughts.  Not only do I feel a physical accomplishment after finishing a workout but my head feels clearer afterwards and I can go on to focus on the more important things in my life.

After a long winter I’m starting to feel antsy and in need of some inspiration.  I’ve tried a bunch of workouts at home but I just don’t love them so I’ve been toying with the idea of prepping for another half marathon.  I have a goal race in mind but I’m not ready to share it yet, it’s still 10 months out and it’s going to take me that long to be ready for it.  But, I’ve put it out there so I have to do it now, right?

Over the next few months I hope to share with you my workouts and goals.  My first goal is just to get back into a steady running schedule and build up my runs.  I’ve chosen the 30 days to 5K program.  I did this program last spring as I was prepping for Ottawa Race Weekend and I really found it to be challenging enough to keep me motivated but not hard enough that I wouldn’t make it to the end.  If you’ve never run before, this might not be the best program to start with (Couch to 5K might be better) but if you have some fitness base you might want to give it a shot.  The following schedule was adapted from the link above.  I converted all the distances into kilometres as I find it hard to think in miles when I’m running.

30 Days to 5K

What are your favourite distances and training programs?



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